The MV Brigitte Bardot.

The MV Brigitte Bardot (formerly Gojira) is a high speed trimaran designed to circumnavigate the world in record time, until it was beaten by the Ady Gil. The ship was acquired in 2010 to replace the sunken Ady Gil and first participated in Operation No Compromise under the name Gojira. The name was changed after legal issues.


Operation No CompromiseEdit


The vessel as the Gojira

Originally known as the Cable and Wireless Adventurer, the ship set a world circumnavigation record of 80 days in 1998, later beaten by the Ady Gil. The vessel went through many owners and names before being acquired by Sea Shepherd and named Gojira, Godzilla in Japanese, to replace the sunken Ady Gil. The vessel was painted Sea Shepherd black with Godzilla on the bow. The Gojira proved its effectiveness during Operation No Compromise under the command of Captain Locky MacLean. It assisted in disabling the Yushin Maru No. 3 and slowed down the Nisshin Maru enough for the Bob Barker to catch up. The highlight of the campaign is when they found the whaler's supply ship Sun Laurel and tailed them.

After the campaign, the Godzilla franchise notified Sea Shepherd that they could not use the name Gojira, so the name was changed to the Brigitte Bardot, after the French actress who is a supporter and board member of Sea Shepherd. The entire vessel was repainted silver with a picture of Brigitte Bardot with a Jolly Roger flag on either side of the bow.

Operation Ferocious IslesEdit

The Brigitte Bardot played a crucial role during Operation Ferocious Isles in the Faroe Islands when the Steve Irwin was delayed. The ship traveled throughout the islands, watching for possible grinds. While tied up in port, the ship was surrounded by angry locals at night who harassed the crew until police showed up. The next morning, a drunk man untied the Brigitte Bardot's mooring line. The ship monitored the beaches of the island, at one point discoving a whale graveyard. Towards the end off the campaign, the Brigitte Bardot joined the Steve Irwin in successfully driving a pod of whales away from the shore.

Operation Divine WindEdit

During Operaton Divine Wind, the vessel was placed under the command of Jonathan Renecle, who had worked onboard the ship before it joined Sea Shepherd. In late December of 2012, a rogue wave snapped the left pontoon of the ship, severely crippling the Brigitte Bardot. The vessel survived a storm and the Bob Barker and Steve Irwin quickly rushed to its aid. The Brigitte Bardot escorted to port by the Steve Irwin, while being tailed by the Shonan Maru No. 2. The ship was repaired and reinforced and was able to take part in the next campaign.

Operation Zero ToleranceEdit

In Operation Zero Tolerance, the Brigitte Bardot was captained by French sailor Jean Yves Terlain, who previously sailed for the World Wide Fund for Nature. It was the first vessel to encounter the whaling fleet, spotting and pursuing the Yushin Maru No. 3. While attempting to flee from the harpoon vessel, the engines were overworked and failed. The Brigitte Bardot returned to port as prolonged exposure to the dangerous Antarctic waters increased the risk of another accident.

The Brigitte Bardot will not be participating in Operation Relentless and is dry docked in California for repairs and a new paint pattern, similar to the Steve Irwin and Bob Barker.

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